Year wise Schedule of Activities

The project will be implemented in a phased manner over 3 years. The Schedule of Activities year wise is as given below.

Year I

  a.1Gbps connectivity to the nearest NKN node for 210 Universities.

  b.10 Broadband connections/college of 512kbps

  c.LAN setup for 210 Universities -includes

      i. Router

      ii. Gigabit Ethernet switch & Ethernet switches

      iii. CAT-5 cable including ducting

      iv. No. of LAN nodes : 400

  d. Provide 1 Gaps internet bandwidth in University VPN.

Year II

  a. 1 Gbps connectivity to the nearest NKN node for 209 Universities.

  b. Expand up to 20 BB connections with VPN per college for all 20000 colleges

  c. LAN Setup to 209 universities.

  d. Maintenance of LAN setup & OF Cable for 419 universities

Year III

  Maintenance of LAN Setup and OF Cable